Advice anyone?

So… as of yet…. only one person reads this blog (thanks Vicki). But I need some input from other people that might happen to stumble across this.

I am supposed to be graduating from college in December! The prospect of being OUT OF SCHOOL is quite frankly more exciting than I could ever describe… BUT

I am majoring in Psychology with what looks like an almost non-existent chance of getting into Grad school. So I was contemplating staying in for an additional semester and getting a minor in something…. perhaps English (you know, another field with very little chance of getting anywhere…. it’s almost as bad as classical art! HA)

I would do advertising, but I’m afraid I’d have to do MUCH more than an additional semester of work, and seeing as how I’ve been in college for six years I think sooner is better than later.

~ by Brandy on June 29, 2005.

3 Responses to “Advice anyone?”

  1. In which state do you attend school? I’m a psych major too, though I only just finished my freshman year. I hear that CA grad schools are tough to get into because they’re (relatively) cheap, thus everyone trying to get in. Non-CA schools are more expensive, but easier to get into.
    Keep up your blogging even if you don’t have a huge following- I sure don’t!! =) It really provides a nice outlet. I never thought I was a writer (and I’m not), but I enjoy sharing my unexciting life with others, or just typing my experiences out for me. It’s fun to relive the memories. =)

  2. I’m in Virginia, currently at VCU… I’m going to apply to alot of grad schools (basically begging for acceptance) and go to pretty much whichever one takes me.

  3. It’s about time more O’Connell peeps got blogs. I’m looking forward to reading some good stories… hehe.

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