Interesting or…not?

I sometimes wish that I had something extraordinary in my life to talk about… I see other people’s blogs about losing weight (something i am trying to do… but these days, who isn’t?) about getting married, about having or caring for a baby.

My life of only one year ago, may have been an interesting story. I was out drinking nearly everynight…I’d say 13 out of 14 nights… That kind of alcoholism takes dedication. I befriended many of the cities bar owners and bartenders and as a side effect of that I spent probably a 3rd of the money I would have spent if I had not known them so well. I managed to spend about $1000 (give or take a couple hundred) per month on alcohol. And frankly, I’m amazed I remember as much as I do of this time period.

Come to think of it, it might not have been so much interesting, as… repetitive.

But I CAN say with complete certainty that I am infinitely happier now than I was then. I have found the love of my life (he doesn’t know he feels the same way about me yet… ) I just adore him with every ounce of my being! He’s done so much good in my life.

But this line of storytelling is also… not so interesting.


~ by Brandy on June 28, 2005.

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