“Hmmmmm, what to say….”

So um yeah…. I have officially joined the ranks of the “I sit on the computer all day and have nothing better to do club.” HA! Now, don’t get offended all of you who think I am being mean…. because I’m telling the truth! But have no fear, I am putting myself down as much as you.

I really joined this so I could comment on other people’s blogs (because I really believe that I have something important to add most of the time). But I figured, well, I have access to my own blog now, so why not?

I’m gonna try to put into this blog some quirky, insightful things to interest the masses (that will probably skip over this as soon as they see it) but I will probably fail at this, since I lead less than an extremely interesting life….

With that… I’ll let you judge for yourself (after I get around to finding something quirky and insightful to post)


~ by Brandy on June 16, 2005.

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